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* Meetings on the 2nd Wednesday of each Month @ 7:00 pm

( except July )

** MANY PCRC Councils have resumed in-Person Meetings

- Check with your Local PCRC Director (Listed Below) for more Info...


Left - Right:

Police Chief Robert McCullough,

PCRC - Pct. 02: Director Malinda Taylor

* Meetings held at:


6424 Windsor Mill Rd., Baltimore, MD 21207 

Ph: 410-887-4714




      Cell: 410-371-5287












                                           ( PCRC 02

~ Did you know that there is a "Police Community Relations Council" (aka: PCRC) in your Area?  Most people are not aware until a concern sneaks around the corner and comes into their community!

*** Police and Community Relations Council 02... 

~ Our Mission is to forge better communications, awareness, understanding and respect of the Citizens in our area and the Police who serve our needs. This enables us to assist the Baltimore County Police Department at educating our citizens and businesses about crime awareness and prevention methods suitable to our area and the Law and Order they are required to enforce and maintain. 

~ By establishing this relationship we realize and provide the additional tools, services and cooperation the Police need in order to improve the safety and quality of our lives, making it safer for them to do so. 

~ We serve the area that basically encompasses councilmanic District 4 (Police Precinct 02) from Northern Parkway along Liberty Road all the way to Wards Chapel Road (east to west) and from Baltimore National Pike (Route 40) to and slightly beyond Liberty Road in certain areas (south to north). Depending on the needed Police response, whether business or residential, serious, nuisance or traffic related, our Precinct 02 Officers overlap and are overlapped by Officers from Precinct 04 (Pikesville), Precinct 03 (Franklin), and Precinct 01 (Wilkins - which has no PCRC).  PCRC 02 coverage also includes the "Randallstown Sub-Station" on Liberty Road. 

*** What is a "Police & Community Relations Council"? 

~ There are Precincts in Baltimore County and each Precinct currently has an active PCRC made up of community groups, businesses and concerned citizens. The Woodlawn PCRC acts as a support group for Precinct 02 and their personnel. The PCRC assist the Baltimore County Police Department in the education of citizens in how to reduce and prevent crime; and acts as a liaison between the Baltimore County Police Department and the Community. 

~ We know that everyone leads busy lives -- it is about one and a half hours of your time once a month! In one and a half hours you should gain valuable information concerning crime & crime trends in your neighborhoods and learn the resources available to assist you directly from the Precinct Commander, an Officer from the Community Outreach Unit and sometimes a guest speaker from the Baltimore County Police Department or a related agency. 

~ Council Meetings are held monthly within nearly every Precinct Command in Baltimore County. The Council members meet with the Precinct Commander and other attending Police personnel. These meetings are an excellent way to resolve issues that exist between the Community and the Police Department. They provide an open forum where citizens may bring attention to problems within their neighborhood and allow them to be addressed with the appropriate joint Police and Community response. These meetings also provide a line of communications where the Police Department can inform the Community of departmental programs and enlist community help in crime prevention projects. 

~ Members of the Councils regularly recognize individual Officers within their Precincts through various yearly and monthly awards. Some Police Councils have fund-raisers to purchase and provide needed equipment and supplies for their Precincts. 

~ Our goal is to make the Precinct & Community a safer place to live through mutual understanding of Police and Citizen concerns. We provide a structured forum where Law Enforcement officials and citizens can come together to discuss concerns in their neighborhoods. 

~ The Police Community Relations Councils are constantly recruiting and always welcome new members. We encourage our Police Officers to utilize their Council as an important resource to members of the community who may be interested in: 

  • Learning about the Police Department

  • Bringing Community problems to the attention of the Department

  • Participating in Crime Prevention activities 

~ Participate in Community and Crime Prevention Programs with your Police Department to create a safer and more secure community. We invite you to join us when you can.

*** Contact the Community Outreach Unit in your Precinct (see below) for additional information. 



6424 Windsor Mill Road

Baltimore, Maryland  21207

The PCRC is politically non-partisan and does NOT endorse any candidate for public office. 

Baltimore County Police & Community Relations Council is a 501.c.3 organization

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